If you think your ex-wife has a claim on your assets, you might be tempted to blow it all in a massive spending spree.  The Telegraph reports that Maya Kanev-Lipinski believes her ex-husband has done just that.

Maya Kanev-Lipinski separated from her former husband Shahar Lipinski in 2012. The couple are said to have built up a multi-million pound property empire by investing in and providing high quality student accommodation in Leicester and Nottingham. When married they lived in a £2m country pile near Nottingham.

The Telegraph reports that following their separation they agreed to split the assets 50-50, but the assets have not yet been distributed. Maya Kanev-Lipinski claims that since 2012 her ex-husband has been frittering away a fortune on ‘boys toys’.   She alleges that he has bought Bentleys and Penthouses as a way of preventing her getting her hands on the money.

According to reports, she has applied to court for a freezing injunction to prevent her ex-husband disposing of any more assets.

Not many of us have a multi-million property empire, but similar dangers face anybody who has separated from their husband or wife. Large sums of money can be lost quickly through holidays, going out, new cars, drink, drugs or gambling.

Once money has been spent, it has been spent. It can often be extremely difficult to undo the damage of a few months of wild living. To protect assets built up during a relationship you must act quickly.

Seek advice from a specialist family solicitor at Jordans. We can advise you on what you need to do to protect your interests. It may be as simple as registering your rights against the family home to stop your spouse selling it from under you. On the other hand it may require an urgent application to court for an injunction freezing your spouse’s assets. We can help you whatever the circumstances.

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