IMG_2840 by Keira Rawden, Solicitor- Head of Commercial and Property

What do sellers have to disclose when selling their house?

When selling your house, you will be asked to fill out the Property Information Form and the Fittings and Contents Form. 

These forms provide information to your buyer about things such as:

  • electrical and boiler inspections;
  • any alterations or extensions you have made to the property;
  • what contents you intend to leave behind; and
  • questions on boundaries and disputes

An inaccurate reply may entitle the buyer to bring a claim for misrepresentation or negligent misstatement.

  • One seller who failed to disclose a dispute, was made by the Court to pay damages of £150,000.
  • Another seller claimed untruthfully that there were no service charge arrears.  The seller was found guilty of fraudulent misrepresentation and forced to pay over £300,000 in damages to the buyer.

So when selling your property take time to read the forms carefully and fill them out honestly and to the best of your knowledge.

You are not required to disclose speculative and remote information and if you are unsure about what to disclose, then seek the advice of your Jordans legal advisor.


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