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On Wednesday 20th April a team from the Vibration White Finger Professional Negligence department from Jordans Solicitors were out and about in Hemsworth, West Yorkshire leafleting with Wakefield Councillor Sandra Pickin on behalf of Pauline Kitching.


Sandra Pickin has been very supportive in helping Jordans Solicitors spread the word of the potential Vibration White Finger claims ex-miners can raise, especially in her hometown of Hemsworth. So with their cars filled up with Jordans vibration white finger leaflets and Pauline Kitching’s leaflets the team set off on their routes to place these through the letter boxes of the homes of Hemsworth.


The team was very lucky and the weather was on their side, it was a lovely warm spring day without a cloud in the sky, and many leaflets were dropped through peoples letterboxes. The only real problem the team faced were dogs, and all were surprised they managed to keep their fingers in one piece. If not maybe it could have been a case for the PI department at Jordans to look into.

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The team did a lot of walking and it didn’t help that the roads had recently been resurfaced, as they said afterward most of the loose chippings were in their shoes!


All in all it was a good day for Jordans with plenty of leaflets distributed to homes in Hemsworth and people who received leaflets contacting the office on the same day.


If you were an ex-miner and want Jordans to look again at your Vibration White Finger Claim, you can contact  them free on 03303 001103 or visit


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