Property matters in the Queen’s Speech

The Queen’s Speech every year sets out details of new  legislation that the government intends to make for the approaching year.

Luckily for those of us interested in property, there are no new nasty surprises.

There are a few issues that will affect us if they are brought into Law as follows:

  • The governement still intends to privatise the land registry.  It is unknown what implications this may have on property solicitors and members of the public but is certainly one to watch.
  • These changes will be incorporated within the Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill.

land reg

  • The Electronic Communications Code is still rumbling away.  The Code enables electronic communications network providers to construct electronic communications networks on both public and private land.
  • The right to  to construct infrastructure is exercised either with the agreement with the landowner or applying to the County Court and if successful, the infrastructure can be built without the landowner’s permission.

Luckily for property practitioners and those who buy and sell propery, the upcoming year appears at this stage to be less fraught than last.

This should give us all time to recover from the new SDLT provisions!

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