North Yorkshire Charity, The Marie Collins Foundation, launches The Global Protection Online Network at its From Discovery to Recovery conference.

This is a global network of experts dedicated to helping children and young people who have been subject to technology related violence, abuse and exploitation.

The Marie Collins Foundation (MCF) is based in Ripon, North Yorkshire. Set up in 2009 it is committed to helping and supporting victims, their families and those who work with them. As well as direct work with the children and their families, offering support and therapeutic services, they also provide a consultancy service to practitioners and the police through a range of seminars, workshops and other training. MCF are also involved in raising awareness and research on both a national and international level and seeking improvements to current policy, procedure and legislation.

As solicitors specialising in abuse cases, we have seen an increase in recent years in this type of abuse as technology advances and becomes increasingly accessible to young people. We are also seeing the civil law developing to enable those affected to pursue compensation for injuries suffered as a result of such abuse.

The Global Protection Online Network is being officially launched at the conference being held today in London and hosted by the charity.

For more information on the Marie Collins Foundation, please click here

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