EU Referendum Vote

EU Referendum Vote

Well it’s been over a fortnight since the historic UK EU Referendum vote and Westminster appears to be in political meltdown, with two high profile party leaders standing down and, another still facing a leadership battle.  The City too was in turmoil with the value of both the pound and shares falling and, the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, having to pull out all of the stops to avoid any financial crisis situation.

Looking at the results ( ) and how the areas of the UK voted, over a quarter of the top 50 areas who voted to leave the EU are ex-mining communities. Mansfield and Bolsover are both in the top 10 with 70.9% and 70.8% of voters respectively opting to leave the EU.

Why was there this big push from the ex-mining communities? Was it a personal defiant stand against the Conservatives? Generally seen as the party for those in the upper echelons of society or, was it an attempt to exact revenge on Margaret Thatcher and her party? Ironically sources say that Thatcher herself was against Europe ( ) and would probably be very proud of the landmark result but perhaps for the ex-mining communities it was a more personal and deep rooted dig at the Conservative party going back to the 80’s and the closure of the pits due to the ability to import cheaper coal from across Europe and beyond.  The mistrust of the Government due to the closing of the pits is still strong in the ex-mining communities, with many areas still not fully recovered from the closures.  Perhaps linked is a disappointment with the EU for not stepping in and helping the mines, especially since the closure of Kellingley Colliery, now all the deep coal mines are no more.

The result may not be what many wanted but it was a good day for democracy; the people got their chance to have their say  and a large percentage did just that (suggested to be the highest percentage to turn out to vote for over 15 years) and it was a marginal No to Europe. Typical mining communities appear to have been instrumental in this result.

We are now waking up to this country’s second female prime minister, who would have predicted that a year ago, or even a month ago! Times appear to be changing as a result of the EU referendum, whether those changes are for the better or worse, only time will tell.


Could this be the EU Flag without Britain?

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