In the run up to the Labour leadership election, the candidates are setting out their policies and visions for the future, which includes employment law reforms.

Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith have outlined various proposals for employment law reforms. Here are some of the reforms that they are proposing:

  1. Zero hours contracts to be abolished. Zero hours contracts have been the center of much debate in recent times with changes including the abolition of the exclusivity clause, which prevented those working under zero hours contracts from working with other employers.
  2. Workers to be given employment rights from the outset of their employment. As most agency workers will know, unless you have worked for 12 weeks or more you do not qualify for rights such as same pay, working time etc.
  3. Tribunal fees to be abolished. Since the introduction of fees in June 2013 there has been a marked reduction in the number of employment tribunal claims being litigated at the tribunal.
  4. Increase in National Minimum Wage. Jeremy Corbyn would like to increase the National Minimum Wage to £10.00.
  5. Introduction of Equal Pay Legislation. Owen Smith would like to introduce new equal pay legislation to address the gender pay gap.
  6. Discrimination Questionnaires. Owen Smith would like to bring back discrimination questionnaires. Such questionnaires were used as a tool to obtain further information from employers as to alleged discriminatory conduct. However, the use of discrimination questionnaires was repealed 2014.
  7. Worker Representative: Owen Smith would like to introduce a worker representative that can represent workers in important decisions taken by the companies that they work for.

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