Hiring a Wakefield-based employment solicitor is not an indication that your businesshutterstock_287268506s has done something wrong: even the most conscientious of employers often require legal expertise.

With the law changing on a day-to-day basis, certain aspects of it are not only extremely confusing if you are not a qualified lawyer, but they also have the ability to catch you out.

As a result of this, today the team here at Jordans are outlining exactly why your Wakefield or West Yorkshire organisation may need our help:


If you are dismissing a member of staff then you need to have a lawful and fair reason for doing so. You must also follow a fair process in bringing the employment to an end. The decision to dismiss should be consistent with previous decisions made and in most cases, such as cases involving misconduct, decisions should only be made after a thorough investigation has been undertaken (more information here). A solicitor can tell you whether what you are doing is legal or not. Furthermore, guidance can also be provided as to the best approach to take in terminating the employment so as to minimise the risk of an employment tribunal claim being bought against you.

Reviewing documents

Employment law is constantly changing and as such you need to ensure that your employment contracts, service agreements, and policies and procedures are kept up to date. Also as your business grows and changes over time, your contracts of employment, service agreements and employee handbooks may need to be reviewed and updated to ensure that they are tailored to suit the needs of your business going forward, which is something that a lawyer can assist you with.

Unresolved issues 

In an ideal world, employment issues would be dealt with both swiftly and effectively: unresolved ones are likely to end in a claim that will have a significant drain on management time and resources. It pays dividends to seek expert support and legal advice on such matters.

Here at Jordans, we work closely with you to provide practical solutions for your problems. Able to deal with employment problems of all sizes, we additionally assess your business needs and objectives to provide a completely tailored service.

For more information, please feel free to give us a call today on 03303 001 103.

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