Eight men from Rotherham allegedly groomed and sexually abused underage girls between 1999 and 2003.

At Sheffield Crown Court on the 13th September 2016, the main complainant in the trial and now a campaigner against sexual exploitation gave evidence that her family were so afraid of her alleged abusers that they moved to Spain. She states that her complaints to the Police and Social Services were not acted upon.

She alleged that her abusers threatened to “gang rape” her mother if she did not submit to the sexual abuse. The complainant was subjected to severe and repeated sexual abuse by the men. In April 2003 she confided in her mother and then made a report of her allegations to the Police. The complainant had a medical examination which showed bruises to her thigh and bottom, but she withdrew her allegations due to the threats she received and no charges were brought. Ten years later she reported the abuse to the Police again.

Michelle Colborne QC, prosecuting the case said in her opening speech that the girls’ clothes were lost and not scientifically analysed by the Police at the time of her first complaint. She said that it took the girls’ family two years to get her away from the gang of men and during this time her family were writing to their MP and the Home Secretary for help.

Mr Hussain, against whom the complainant made her initial allegations about was, “instrumental in befriending young girls who were flattered that he and his friends spent time with them”, said Colborne. In relation to another girl, she said, “he used her for his own gratification and passed her on to his friends, older brothers and associates”.

Six of the eight men are on trial are accused of raping the complainant and two of the men are accused of false imprisonment and conspiring to indecently assault the complainant at a house in Woodside Walk in Rotherham when she was 14 years old.

Colborne described the case as one where a number of women had, “been subjected to acts of a degrading and violent nature.”

The men deny the charges and the trial continues.

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