Dame Lowell Goddard, the Judge who resigned from the Child Abuse Inquiry has warned that the inquiry needs to be reviewed and remodelled.

Goddard has said, “with the benefit of hindsight or more realistically the benefit of experience, it is clear there is an inherent problem in the sheer scale and size of the inquiry, (which its budget does not match), and therefore its manageability.”

The far reaching nature of the inquiry does not, “fit completely or practically within a single inquiry model in which it currently resides, she has commented.

Goddard has recommended to the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, that she uses the opportunity of her resignation to review the present form of the inquiry and put more emphasis on current events and focusing attention on the, “ present and future protection of children.”

The inquiry was given a budget of £17.9 million in 2015/2016 and is the most ambitious public inquiry to take place in England and Wales. Whilst initially it was expected to conclude within a period of 5 years, there have been recent suggestions that it could last as long as a decade.

Amber Rudd is due to appear before the committee on Wednesday 7th September.

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