Philip Longbottom, a Scout Leader from Shipley has been convicted of 43 sexual offences including rape and sexual assault has been given a life sentence and told that he must serve at least seven years by a Judge at the Bradford Crown Court on the 23rd September 2016.

Longbottom groomed, raped and abused twelve boys over the course of six decades. Longbottom as well as being a scout leader was also a wealthy textile businessman, a member of the local CB radio club and a member of the sea cadets.

His offences date back to between 1969 and 2010 and he was convicted in 2015 when two brothers from Bradford came forward. The Police also believe that Longbottom carried out assaults on boys in Northern England and Scotland.

Judge Jonathan Rose said that each of his victims, “harbours awful memories, many have endured terrible physical pain, all have suffered profoundly in a psychological sense. Not one of them has been left undamaged by your actions.”

One victim spoke directly to Longbottom at Court and stated that, “My life ended the day you started abusing me.”

Chief Inspector Phillip Bates investigating the case has said, “ He was a man of wealth and influence and would use this to befriend families and gain access to children, who were then subjected to the most degrading and psychologically damaging abuse, offering them bribes and threats to guarantee their silence.”

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