Gerard Singer aged 69, a former teacher at St George’s Boarding School based in Norfolk and then Suffolk has been jailed for 21 years after being found guilty of sexually abusing boys at the school in July. The offences took place between 1978 and1981.

Singer was convicted of 27 offences which included performing sex acts and acts of gross indecency whilst employed at St George’s Boarding School. Suffolk Police started to investigate Singer in 2009 when former pupils of the school made allegations of abuse.

The former headmaster, who died in March, Derek Slade was jailed in 2010 for abusing 12 boys and Alan Brigden was jailed for 5 years in 2012. In 2011 another teacher Alan Williams killed himself after being arrested on suspicion of sexual assaults at St George’s.

Whilst sentencing at the Ipswich Crown Court, Judge Martyn Lewett added an extra eight years on licence to the jail term. He commented, “ I cannot detect that there is only repentance or atonement in the intervening 35 years.”

One of the 8 victims gave evidence that he was held down on a bed and awoke to find that he had been sexually abused. Another victim expressed his relief at being believed, “ It affects you in many ways, how you lead your life, how you interact with people- it’s always at the back of your mind. Because of what happened to be able to trust other people has been very difficult, almost impossible.”

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