Ex Police Chief Gordon Anglesea is alleged to have visited the Wrexham Bryn Estyn Home to abuse boys. Superintendent Gordon Anglesea is attending the Mold Crown Court where he is being questioned about visits to Bryn Estyn.

It is alleged that the offences took place in the 1980’s when Anglesea was a police inspector in Wrexham and regularly visited the Bryn Estyn home. He is accused of two indecent assaults and one serious sexual assault on one boy and the indecent assault of another.

The Court heard that Anglesea allegedly had links with John Allen the owner of the home who is serving a life sentence for 33 sexual offences against 19 boys and 1 girl.

A complainant told the Court that he was sexually abused in the showers by Anglesea and another gave evidence that “he was assaulted whilst in care at a different home Bryn Alyn Children’s Home in Wrexham before being used like a toy by other men at an address in Mold including Anglesea.”

Anglesea has given evidence that he believes that he is a “victim of conspiracy so that people could obtain compensation.” The Court heard that there have not been any allegations against Anglesea since his successful court libel action in 1994, “but since the Jimmy Saville scandal broke Mr Anglesea said there has been a swell of complaints which he said was done by officers from Operation Pallial re visiting boys.”

Anglesea has denied all charges against him and the trial continues.

We have successful represented and obtained compensation for clients who have suffered abuse whilst at Bryn Estyn Home. We would urge anyone who would like help in pursuing a claim to contact us.

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