Gordon Anglesea, 79, a former Police Superintendent has been found guilty of abusing two boys, one of which resided at the Bryn Estyn Home, which was a young offenders institution ran by the Home Office.

The offences relate to the 1980’s when Anglesea was a Police Inspector based in Wrexham. His trial which took place at the Mold Crown Court lasted for a period of six weeks. During the trial the Court heard evidence that Anglesea sexually assaulted two boys aged fourteen and fifteen. One of the boys was abused in the shower and changing rooms at Bryn Estyn.

One of boys gave evidence that, “ Anglesea would inspect a military style parade, make the youngsters do naked sit ups, squats and thrusts, then loiter around the showers with a smirk on his face.”

Anglesea, who is a father to 5 children, is the highest profile offender brought to justice as a result of Operation Pallial which is an operation investigating allegations of child abuse in North Wales.

Judge Geraint Walters convicted Anglesea on the 21st October 2016 for four counts of indecent assault. Whilst he gave Anglesea bail he made it clear that he would be facing a prison sentence when he returned to Court next month and on leaving the Court Anglesea was made to sign the Sex Offenders Register.

North Wales Police commented that as a result of this investigation they had changed the way offences like this were investigated. Assistant Chief Constable Richard Debicki said, “ The victims of this case have waited a long time for justice and I am pleased that today they have seen this done. Time has caught up with Gordon Anglesea. It is true to say that no occupation is immune from individuals who will exploit their position of authority and trust to abuse vulnerable victims, but people expect and deserve more from the Police.”

“Nothing anyone can do now will change the past, but I can assure people that the way in which we now investigate sexual abuse, the investment which goes into it and the significance it is given is considerably different to how it was in the past.”

Operation Pallial heard evidence from over three hundred people and has resulted in many arrests. John Allen, who the Court heard Anglesea had links with and the owner of Bryn Estyn, was sentence to life for thirty three sexual offences against nineteen boys and one girl as a result of the investigation. Complaints are still being investigated.

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