It has been reported that the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse was to review their investigation into allegations against Lord Janner, but an inquiry spokesman has confirmed that, “it is not being dropped.”

Lord Janner who was an MP in Leicester and died in December 2015, is alleged to have abused victims between the 1950s and 1980s. The claims are that Lord Janner sexually abused boys in children’s homes in Leicester. The investigation is due to commence in March 2017.

The family of Lord Janner believe him to be innocent of the allegations and that the men and women who have made complaints against him have, “fabricated their accounts.” They further argue that, “to put on trial a dead man who cannot answer back” is unfair and complain “that his alleged victims cannot be cross- examined under its terms.”

Lord Janner was never convicted but the Criminal Prosecution Service said that there was enough evidence to charge him with child sex abuse. However, the Court ruled that he was unfit to stand trial because of his dementia. More than 30 complainants were expected to give evidence at his trial.

Many of the complainants are now pursuing civil claims against Lord Janner’s estate.

Prime Minister, Theresa May has confirmed her confidence in the inquiry.

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