Lord Paddick is leading proposals for a change in the law which will prevent the naming of sex crime suspects unless they are charged.

These proposals would amend the Policing and Crime Bill and make it illegal for anyone to publicly name someone arrested for committing a sex crime unless they are charged.

It is the belief of Lord Paddick that the amendment to the Bill could be made by the end of the year. Cliff Richard and Paul Gambaccini are due to speak to MP’s about their experiences on the 24th October 2016.

Lord Paddick has stated,” Particularly in the wake of the Jimmy Savile revelations, most people are very well aware of the impact of historical child abuse has had on survivors of such offences, but the meeting is to give parliamentarians the opportunity to hear from those who have been affected by being falsely accused of such offences.”

In our experience it is the naming of suspects which assists victims to have the courage to come forward and have confidence that they will be believed.

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