The Sport Governing Bodies have been ordered to review their files for any evidence of child abuse incidents. If any evidence does come to light or it is believed that there have been cover ups, they have been instructed to report the incidents to the Police.

The Sports Minister, Tracey Crouch has instructed the Sport Governing Bodies that, “ the sport sector needs to do everything it can to ensure that if proven allegations are found there is justice for the survivors of the past abuse and that sport today is a safe as it possibly can be.”

The authorities of over forty sports including rugby, cricket and tennis have been told to ensure that children in their care are properly safeguarded

Crouch has praised the football players who have come forward to speak about the sexual abuse they suffered. She commented that clubs and coaches of all sports have a duty of care for the young people who attend sports clubs and their, “safety and security is paramount.”

In 2001 the NSPCC set up a Sport Unit, which is a special unit which assists the Sport’s Governing Bodies to ensure that children are protected and helps with the education of club officials and coaches in all sports. The Unit also works in co-operation with the Governing Bodies to operate a “robust checking system” of people who work alongside young people.

Crouch has offered reassurance that the, “Sport Unit has standards for safeguarding and protecting children in sport that sports organisations have to adhere to.”

However, as we are aware from the recent allegations by former footballers that they were sexually abused when playing in youth teams, this has not always been the case. We represent individuals who have been abused as children or teenagers when attending clubs and organisations.

Where a person is employed or given the responsibility for teaching, coaching or leading others by an organisation or a Local Authority and that person abuses their position and commits an act of assault or abuse a claim may be possible. We would urge anyone who would like assistance in pursuing a civil claim to contact us.

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