Edward, also known as Ted Langford who worked for Leicester City as a team talent scout in the 1980’s is the subject of an official inquiry by the Football Association in relation to child abuse allegations.

Langford who is deceased was jailed in 2007 for three years after admitting three charges of indecent assault and four charges of gross indecency. This case is being examined by the Football Asoociation as part of its ongoing investigation into child sexual abuse in football.

Langford was a talent scout for Aston Villa and the manager of a youth team in Birmingham called Dunlop Terriers at the time of the allegations. One of the victims was also abused whilst Langford was working for Leicester City.

At the time when Langford was sentenced the Judge said, “The parents of these boys plainly trusted you because you held the key to their dreams. Most of them wanted to play football professionally. They would have been in awe of you, unable to quarrel with you or reject your advances.”

Leicester City have said that they are unaware of any allegations made against the club but they will fully co operate with any inquiry.

Dame Kelly Holmes has spoken abut the football sex abuse scandal; she warned that more victims “in the world of sport” may now come forward. “I absolutely think people are going to speak out in swimming, gymnastics, athletics……. Other people are talking now. I don’t think this is a closed door at the moment.”

We represent individuals who have been abused as children or teenagers when attending clubs and organisations. Where a person is employed or given the responsibility for teaching, coaching or leading others by an organisation or a Local Authority and that person abuses their position and commits an act of assault or abuse a claim may be possible.

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