Matt Le Tissier former England and Southampton football player has said that he was, “given a naked massage “by Bob Higgins.

Bob Higgins was a former youth officer at Southampton Football Club and has been accused of historical sexual abuse against former young players. Matt Le Tissier who started playing for Southampton when he was 16 years old, describes an incident when he was given a naked massage by Higgins.

He has commented that, “the allegation of sexual abuse in football has not come as a big surprise. It is pretty disgusting. What went on is not normal behaviour. When you hear the stories of naked soapy massage, hairy bum competitions- you look back at it now and think hang on what was going on.”

Mr Le Tissier has stated that he never felt that he was abused, but ”would like to think the bravery of the boys that had come out will encourage everyone else who experienced those kinds of things.”

Martin Glenn, FA Chief Executive has said, “ We have clear rules in the game and if there’s any evidence of a breach of those- and hushing up would be one, when its out turn to apply the rules, we absolutely will, regardless of the size of the club.”

Higgins denies all charges.

We would encourage anyone affected to contact the Police to report their allegations. Jordans are currently representing a large number of clients who have suffered abuse. If you would like assistance in pursuing a claim we would urge you to contact us.

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