The scandal in football may result in a child abuse scandal greater than the allegations made about Jimmy Saville.

The NSPCC have said that the response to their dedicated helpline which was set up with the assistance of the Football Association has been, “staggering”. NSPCC staff made sixty referrals to the Children’s Services and Police within the first three days of the hotline being set up.

The National Association of People Abused as Children commented that one hundred requests were received last week from people to join support groups. The average weekly number is ten.

Manchester City Football Club is reported to be facing a large compensation claim from a former youth player. He alleges that in the 1980’s he was sexually abused by a team scout. The claim was reported to the football club weeks before the scandal broke. Manchester City has instructed Solicitors to investigate the claim.

The victim alleges that the development of his professional career was curtailed while he attempted to cope with the affects of the abuse he suffered. As a result he was deprived from the opportunity of earning significant sums of money. It is thought that the value of his claim may be a seven figure sum.

The allegations made by the former football players were discussed by the Independent Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry yesterday. It is necessary for victims of abuse to overcome the law which governs time limits to bring civil claims, before the case can be heard at Court. The Inquiry was considering this yesterday; together with whether their investigation should be widen to include football and other sports.

We represent individuals who have been abused as children or teenagers when attending clubs and organisations, including Manchester City Football Club.

Where a person is employed or given the responsibility for teaching, coaching or leading others by an organisation or a Local authority and that person abuses their position and commits an act of assault or abuse a claim may be possible. We would urge anyone who would like assistance in pursuing a civil claim to contact us.

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