Lincolnshire Police launched an investigation , “ Operation Redstone” in 2015 after a review of safeguarding procedures by the Diocese of Lincoln following a” number of concerns”. The investigation has resulted in a number of people being arrested and bailed pending further enquiries.

Operation Redstone has already resulted in Stephen Crabtree, who was the Rector at Washingborough and Heighton until 2014 being jailed for three years in March 2016. He was convicted of six counts of indecent assault on a fifteen year old girl between April 1992 and April 1993.

Lincolnshire Police have given limited information on the present position of their investigation as they do not wish to prejudice their enquiries. We know that, “the police have people on bail pending further enquiries and there’s a number of victims.” The Diocese of Lincolnshire is co operating with the Police.

The Police have admitted that, “We have victims within the Diocese of Lincoln that have not been dealt with appropriately in the past. People were not treated seriously when they have come forward and there are allegations made that previously were not dealt with properly. Now, we will treat people properly and we are listening to people.”

Peter Saunders, the founder of The National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC) has urged the Police to release more information as, “this could give other alleged victims the confidence to come forward. I have personally spoken to a number of Jimmy Savile’s victims who say, “If only we had known there were others I’d have come forward.”

At Jordans we deal with a wide range of Church/Clergy abuse claims. In our experience, sadly, it is not uncommon for an individual in a position of religious authority to abuse or assault a member of their congregation.

We have a specialist team with many years of experience in bringing a civil case against religious organisations and would encourage you to contact us if you need advice and assistance in pursuing a case.

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