Queens Park Rangers is the latest club to start investigating child abuse allegations concerning a former employee.

Allegations have been made about the late Chris Gieler, former Youth Development Officer of Queens Park Rangers (QPR) . In a statement the club has said, “The club takes these allegations very seriously and will cooperate fully in any forthcoming investigation.” The Football Association has increased the scope of their enquiry in light of these developments.

We understand that a number of former players have come forward to say that they were asked to sign a confidentiality clauses after compensation payments for historical abuse from clubs. This follows the disclosure from Gary Johnson who received £50,000 from Chelsea Football Club after he alleged he was abused by Eddie Heath, that he was asked to sign a confidentiality clause. The use of the confidentially clauses in these claims are being investigated.

More than 350 people have come forward with allegations of child abuse and fifty five football clubs have conducted the police reporting allegations.

Steve Walters a former player who has made allegations of historical sexual abuse has said, “I’m getting phone calls every day off players who I’ve grown up with- there are so many. You won’t believe how many are still to come out honestly.”

We represent individuals who have been abused as children or teenagers when attending clubs and organisations, including Manchester City Football Club. Where a person is employed or given the responsibility for teaching, coaching or leading others by an organisation or a Local Authority and that person abuses their position and commits an act of assault or abuse a claim may be possible. We would urge anyone who would like assistance in pursuing a civil claim to contact us.

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