Clinic 26 is the first UK clinic to offer support for male victims of sexual abuse. It will provide emotional support to men who have been victims of abuse.

Clinic 26 has been established in partnership with Survivors UK and will be held at the Ambrose Centre at the Royal London Hospital on the last Monday afternoon of every month.

Andy Williams, who is a Consultant at The Royal London Hospital has said, “We need to break the taboo that allows men to suffer in silence and this clinic is the beginning of what we hope to be a valued support resource for the men in East London.”

Home Office Statistics show that 12,000 men are raped and 72,000 men are sexually abused each year.

A victim of sexual abuse stated that he was “thrilled when he heard that the clinic was opening.” He was sexually assaulted by a nurse in 2013. He reported his allegations and another victim also came forward. The nurse was found guilty and jailed for two years. He commented that, “he wanted to go to a place where people knew that he had been sexually assaulted and he didn’t have to disclose it to see the reaction.”

Jordans act for a large number of clients who have suffered sexual abuse. We would encourage anyone who would like help in pursuing a civil claim to contact us.

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