Five Things you Need to Know before you file for Divorce:

It has been said that approximately one in three marriages in the UK end in divorce. This is an astounding figure; however, Jordan’s are on hand to help. We know and understand just how difficult this period can be, and our trained professionals are on hand to assist empathetically throughout the entire divorce process. Whilst many are aware of the proceedings which take place in divorce, we’ve compiled a list of five divorce tips, that may just help.

1 – Unless you have been separated for two years, to obtain a divorce you must show a court that the marriage has irretrievably brokendown by showing either that the other person’s behaviour means you cannot reasonably be expected to live with them or that they have committed adultery. Most people file for divorce relying on the fact of the other person’s of ‘unreasonable behaviour’. It not difficult to persuade a court that there has been unreasonable behaviour by the other person, particularly if the other person agrees to the divorce going through.

2 – The fact relied upon to show the court that the marriage has irretrievably broken down very rarely impacts on future decisions such as dividing assets or where the child lives. A court will not order that you receive more of the assets simply because your spouse committed adultery.

3 – It is common for people to think that all arrangements (such as financial arrangements, child maintenance or arrangements for the children to spend time with both parents) need to be in place before the divorce is dealt with. This is a mistake, as the other arrangements may be sorted at a later date, although you should seek legal advice on this.

4 – Unless there is a dispute, there is actually no need to go to court. The solicitor can sort out everything for you, which makes the divorce process somewhat easier and reduces the complexity of involving the courts. In fact, the law encourages this.

5 – Even though the term ‘quickie divorce’ is thrown about from time to time. An uncontended divorce actually takes around four to five months to go through from start to finish. This includes the decree nisi, and the minimum wait of 6 weeks and one day before the decree absolute is granted.

Making the decision to divorce is never an easy decision. Jordan’s are experienced at dealing with this, and recognise that every situation is unique. To speak to one of our specialist solicitors in our Wakefield, Dewsbury or Horsforth office, give us a call today on 0330 001103 or click here.

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