Six former pupils of The Royal School for the Blind in Liverpool have alleged that they were physically and emotionally abused by the School’s headmistress Margaret McLenan.

Margaret McLenan who was headmistress of The Royal School for the Blind in the 1950’s and has since died is described as beating and attacking the former pupils, which was all the more frightening because the children were blind and some as young as five years old.

The victims describe how the abuse has, “ deprived them of their childhood and led to problems in later life.” One victim recalls, “I was six years old. She would line every child up, walking from one end of the dormitory to the other smacking and beating every one of us.” Another former pupil remembers, “ It was so horrific we couldn’t see where it was coming from or when it was going to happen”

Susan George President of the Royal School for the Blind has stated that she was, “ saddened to hear of former pupils having such memories of their time at the School. Such behaviour ( as former pupils allege) would not be tolerated in any school today.”

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