Labour MP Gloria De Piero, a former political reporter for GMTV, met with Business Secretary Greg Clark this week to discuss the miner’s pension fund scandal. Ex miners have been alleging that the UK Government (this includes Tony Blair & Gordon Browns labour governments and David Cameron’s coalition and conservative governments), have taken over £3 billion of the miners money.

Under a scheme setup in the 1990’s when British Coal was privatised; any surplus money in the pension pot was split between the miners in the pension scheme and the UK Government.  It is believed that Ms De Piero has asked Mr Clark to end the scandal and to renegotiate the deal between the miners and the UK Government.

When the original deal was struck in 1994 the UK Government agreed to act as guarantor of the fund but has made £3.4 billion from the fund without ever having to pay a penny into it. Many miners are furious and have setup a group on social media called “UK Miners Pension Scheme for Justice & Fair Play Association” and attend events asking people to sign their petition.

This group have also been emailing their local MP’s for support and this is how Ms De Piero became aware when one of her constituents in her ward of Ashfield Nottinghamshire, sent her a letter asking for support.

Jordans solicitors are proud supporters of the UK Miners Pension Scheme for Justice & Fair Play Association and first met members of the scheme at the With Banners Held High Event, held at Unity Works in Wakefield in March 2016 and signed the petition. Other supporters of the group are ex Respect MP George Galloway and labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.


Jordan’s Solicitors has a department working with ex coal miners looking into their Vibration White Finger claims as it has come to light many were unsettled and many miners missed out on £1000’s. If you’re an ex miner and think you may have a claim contact a member of our VWF team free on 03303 001103 or click here.

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