Jordans Solicitors are participating in the January ArtWalk.

The ArtWalk takes places every two months in Wakefield, allowing local artists the opportunity to showcase their work at a variety of venues around Wakefield.

Jordans Solicitors have proudly been a participating venue of the ArtWalk since 2008.

The next ArtWalk will take place on Wednesday 25th January 2017, and we will be showcasing the work of Wakefield locals Angie de Courcy Bower and Bill Winder in the boardroom at our Wakefield office, from 5pm until 8pm. We will also have readings from the members of the Black Horse Poets throughout the evening.

Meet the Artists:

Angie de Courcy Bower

Angie de Courcy BowerAngie chooses to make art that celebrates visual power, uses a challenging medium, and explores the human condition in a meaningful yet accessible way: that addresses the universal by bringing the large issues into view via the personal.

Fascinated by the difficulty of making the intangible tangible, she strives to give form to ideas and feelings about our connection to the world. Often referencing archetypal and mythic messages, alongside contemporary concerns, she examines the nature of consciousness: issues around identity, learning, freedom and love to cruelty, suffering and mortality: the dualism of mind and matter, good and evil.

Bill Winder


Bill paints with designer’s gouache, which is a medium similar to watercolour but has brighter colours and a high pigmentation. He loves the vibrancy and richer colours of the gouache medium, and the way gouache paints mix, sometimes appearing to have a life of their own as they disperse and intermingle with one another when wet.

He is particularly interested in trying to convey the energy of beings in nature rather than an accurate representation of these beings, and aims to do this through bright colours and sweeps of the brush.

More information about Bill can be found here.

Michael Yates of The Black Horse Poets

The Black Horse Poets celebrate poetry in Wakefield with regular meetings to share work. Members of the Black Horse Poets will be carrying out readings throughout the night, with Angie de Courcy Bower combining her talents showing her paintings and reading some of her verse and Black Horse Poets president Michael Yates reading his humorous short story “Pop Goes the Easel” about art and artists.

Michael has published short stories in magazines, anthologies and in the paperback collection “Branwell & Other Stories”.

More information about the Black Horse Poets can be found here.

We look forward to welcoming guests to the exhibition on 25th January 2017. With two artists, poetry and drinks and nibbles, this will be a packed event not to be missed!

More information about the upcoming event can be found at the ArtWalk website.

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