A new unit to investigate non recent child sexual abuse has opened in York. NRAIT will dedicate its time and resources to look at cases of abuse which happened over a year ago. It will focus on organisations and institutions where suspects have been in a position of trust.

NRAIT is based at Fulford Road Police Station in York. The team is led by Detective Chief Inspector Allan Harder. He is assisted by a Detective Sergeant, two Detective Constables and six police staff investigators. It has been established as part of strategy to improve protection of vulnerable people.

DCI Harder has said, “We know that sexual abuse is under reported but we are seeing an increase in reports to the Police, which is a good thing as it means that people have more confidence in the criminal justice system and more people are accessing the support which is available to them through the agencies which work alongside the Police.”

“We know that it takes a lot of courage for people to call us or walk into a Police station, but I would like to offer reassurance that we have specially trained officers who will support you through the process as well as offering support provided by one of our agencies.”

“We urge anyone who is the victim of sexual abuse to report it regardless of how long ago it happened. Your information would trigger measures that are put into place to protect other victims and help to inform a bigger picture of offending, both of which can help to protect and potentially reduce the risk to future victims.”

Julia Mulligan North Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner commented, “I am glad to see that North Yorkshire Police continues to take this matter very seriously. I hope to see this new team working with our communities to increase reporting, especially where vulnerable people are most isolated. Our Supporting Victims team are dedicated to helping anyone who has suffered abuse in the past and I would encourage people to contact them.”

You can contact the Supporting Victims Unit on 01609 643100 or at supportingvictims.org. We would advise anyone who has suffered abuse to contact their local police by calling the Police 101 service. We would urge anyone who would like help in pursuing a civil claim to contact us.

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