Litigation is a word which seems to be mentioned a lot in law, with many not knowing what this area involves. Litigation is sometimes referred to as dispute resolution, which gives the term a little more clarity. The process is the involvement of a solicitor with disputes and claims which arise, particularly during a commercial transaction or deal. These can occur between company to company, or company to individual.

The issues which require litigating differ from case to case and could range from contractual issues relating to different types of commercial transactions such as commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, corporate management, and banking transactions.

It is fundamentally crucial when a dispute occurs in a business that an attempt to resolve the dispute is made as soon as possible. If a settlement cannot be reached this could ultimately have a detrimental impact on the business and its reputation, not to mention the cost which is involved with court battles. This is often why most parties agree that using a solicitor at an early stage in a dispute is the best avenue to take.

How can Jordan’s help?

Jordan’s Solicitors have both the experience and expertise to assist our clients with litigation and dispute resolution. What sets the team here at Jordan’s apart from the rest, is we understand that when commercial disputes happen they are a drain on management time. We also understand the costs involved, and of course the potential damage to the businesses reputation.

Our solicitors understand that commercial disputes vary from case to case – therefore, there is no such thing as an ‘off the shelf-fix’. This means that our team works together with the client, looking at all options for resolution of the dispute. We consider things such as court action, negotiation, and mediation. We work as efficiently and as effectively as possible to ensure a quick, yet cost effective solution.

Finally, we always have our clients best interests at the forefront of our actions, and therefore advise of the best action to take. Our expert advice always fits with the commercial aims and objectives of the business.

If you think Jordan’s can help you, then do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team on 033 0300 1103 or by clicking here.

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