Ampleforth College is a Roman Catholic Boarding School in North Yorkshire. It has been reported that a monk, Father Jeremy Sierla, 59, is said to have been allowed to run a weekly “sex club” for young boys.

Father Sierla a former Ampleforth Monk now lives in a closed religious order. He states that, “He has always denied any wrong doing and gladly co-operated when asked to do so by the authorities.”

A criminal inquiry into Father Sierla’s conduct began in 2004 when a man claimed that he had been sexually assaulted by Father Sierla when he was a pupil at the school, aged 12 years old. Although, no charges were brought the Police were so concerned that they contacted the Department of Education to advice that he should be denied access to children.

It is alleged that pupils were summoned to Father Sierla’s “sex club” in their pyjamas where they were given alcohol and instructed to perform sexual acts. The club was run from Father Sierla’s study.

It is further alleged that when the monk’s computer was examined he was found to have posed online as a teenage girl with the intention of approaching young males in chat rooms. A photograph of the 12 year old pupil was also seized.

Despite the warning from the Police, Father Sierla remained at Ampleforth until 2012 and was in proximity with pupils during this time through working in his shop. He was removed when “education officials ruled his presence incompatible with good safeguarding practice.”

Ampleforth College has been subject to previous allegations relating to sexual abuse by Priests in the last 20 years and three monks and one lay teacher have already been convicted of historic sex offences.

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