You may be surprised by how many employers fail to issue Employment Contracts to new starters. This is particularly so when you consider that within 2 months of starting work most employees are legally entitled to a written statement (known as a “Section 1 Statement”) setting out the main terms and conditions of employment. The information which must be provided includes:

  • Names of employer & employee
  • Start date & date continuous employment began
  • Pay & payment dates
  • Working hours
  • Holiday entitlement & pay
  • Job title or job description
  • Place of work
  • Terms relating to absence due to incapacity & sick pay*
  • Notice periods*
  • Disciplinary & grievance procedures*
  • Terms as to pensions*

(*Some of this information may be provided separately in writing)

If an employee brings a successful claim on another issue, the Employment Tribunal may award additional compensation (which may be as much as £1,956) for failure to provide a Section 1 Statement.

The legal requirement to provide a Section 1 Statement presents an opportunity. If you have to provide this information anyway, why not go one step further by putting in place an Employment Contract which set out all the key rights and obligations of employment. We know how busy you are running your business and we understand that issuing an Employment Contract to a new employee or updating one for an existing member of staff can often get overlooked. Putting this off only invites problems in the future as it creates uncertainty and invites the Employment Tribunal to fill in the blanks.

Jordans can provide you with Employment Contracts & Service Agreements (for directors and senior managers) tailored to your individual business needs. Our Employment specialists can assess the needs of your business. Whether you have full-time or part-time employees, shift workers or zero-hours staff, we can help you with Employment Contracts which work for your business. For directors and senior managers we can help you with post-termination restrictions which protect your business. Our fixed fees mean there are no hidden costs.

For more information or to speak to one of our team about Employment Contracts & Service Agreements please call Jordans on 01924 387 110.

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