An undercover investigation at a home run by one of Britain’s leading private Care Home providers, Bupa, reveals, “Shocking institutional abuse and neglect including giving residents used incontinence pads and forcing them to have bed baths at 3.20 am.”

Care Quality Commission (CQC) has threatened to prosecute Bupa if it, “fails to raise standards.” The CQC has stated that a third of Bupa’s Homes fails on, “basic standards, including safety, care or leadership.”

Channel 4 has produced a documentary which highlights these issues and shows a reporter from their Dispatches programme working at Bupa’s Crawford Walk Home in Chester and being shocked at what she saw.

“The reporter, called Eilis, was disturbed to see a resident shouted at after filling her incontinence pad. A care assistant railed at the woman: ‘you’re full of c**p again. You’re so naughty!’ When the woman said she was sorry, the assistant replied: ‘No, you’re not sorry, because you know you’re doing it!”

“Eilis told a colleague a resident had wet himself yet found him an hour later still in urine-soaked clothing. She was told incontinence pads were ‘rationed’ within the home and one carer was seen reusing a pad with urine and faeces on it.”

Independent Nurse Consultant Lynne Phair said, “This is absolutely classic, textbook, institutional abuse.”

In a different care home in Perry Locks in Birmingham a member of staff was fined for the neglect and mistreatment of a patient. The staff member was filmed pulling and shoving a patient’s head against a chair.

Andrea Sutcliffe, the CQC’s Chief Inspector of adult social care said, “Bupa has betrayed the very people it is paid to look after. The examples of poor care and a culture of inappropriate, institutionalised practice highlighted by this programme are wholly unacceptable. If providers are not capable of making the necessary improvements, we will take action that may result in the closure of poor, unsafe services.’

Joan Elliott, Head of Bupa Care Services, said: ‘We are shocked and saddened by these allegations. “We do not accept a number of the accusations and [Channel 4] have refused to show us the footage. However we are taking this very seriously and are working with the CQC, local council and NHS”

The Dispatches programme will be aired on Tuesday the 20th June 2017 at 8pm.

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