Kenneth Endersby a choirmaster and organist at St Stephen’s Church in Kirkstall was found guilty of sexual offences at Leeds Crown Court last year.

Endersby, now 85, was jailed for 8 years for 8 offences of indecent assault and 2 offences of indecency with a child. The offences date back to the 1960’s.

At the trial the jury heard how Reverend Ward, who was the vicar of St Stephen’s Church helped to cover up Endersby’s abuse. He refused to investigate the complaint and when one mother contacted him he accused the victim of lying.

The jury heard, “The vicar accused the 15 year old of being a filthy liar, whereas the Defendant was an upstanding member of the community. When the victim’s mum hinted that she might take things further, the vicar said that that there were plenty of God fearing church folk around and things could get very difficult for the family.”

Endersby continued in his position at the Church and also a Magistrate until 1995 when he was found guilty of committing a sexual offence, which he was unable to cover up. He sexually assaulted an undercover Policeman in a public toilet in Bradford.

Despite this offence he continued to work at the Church until October 2013 when he was suspended from this role when these allegations came to light.

Since his conviction a number of complainants have taken steps to commence a civil claim for the abuse they suffered by Endersby against the Parochial Church Council of Kirkstall.

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