The ex- Prime Minister Gordon Brown has told the Independent Inquiry into Child sex abuse that the 2,000 British child migrants should be compensated. Gordon Brown has told the Inquiry that the mass transportation on 130,000 British children overseas was “government-enforced trafficking.” The transportation began in the 1920s after the First World War. Children were sent from orphanages to Britain’s colonies to give them a chance of a new life. The Inquiry found that children continued to be sent until 1974.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has found that many child migrants experienced “unacceptable depravity, with some having been sent abroad without the consent of parents and wrongly told they were orphans.”

In 2009, the Australian government has issued an apology for the cruelty to the child migrants and in 2010 Mr Brown had issued an apology to the victims on behalf of the UK. Mr Brown has said “a government minister should explain to the inquiry why nothing has been done over sickening new evidence of abuse which has come to light since his 2010 apology.”

Mr Brown told the inquiry that the forced migration of British children was “probably the biggest national sex abuse scandal. Bigger than what people have alleged about Savile. Bigger than what people have alleged about individual children’s homes. I’m shocked about the information that I have seen.” Mr Brown has said that successive governments had failed in a duty of care and should now compensate the victims.

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