Jordans Solicitors are participating in the July ArtWalk.

The ArtWalk takes places every two months in Wakefield, allowing local artists the opportunity to showcase their work at a variety of venues around Wakefield.

Jordans Solicitors have proudly been a participating venue of the ArtWalk since 2008.

The next ArtWalk will take place on Wednesday 26th July 2017, and we will be showcasing the work of Wakefield artist John Jackson in the boardroom at our Wakefield office, from 5pm until 8pm. We will also have readings from the members of the Black Horse Poets at 6pm and 7pm.

Meet the Artists:

John Jackson

John Martin Jackson is a 45yr old Yorkshire man, and proud owner of a Blue Peter badge, living on the border between South and West Yorkshire “…where the light is particularly good for painting.”

To set his style apart from other artists’ work, John includes subtle details, vibrant acrylic colours and has developed his own technique to make painted water appear to flow through stylised landscapes.

Back for his sixth July Artwalk exhibition, John’s exhibition in the boardroom includes a selection of new works and sees, for one night only, the return of his ever popular pop-up shop ‘Take-aways for a Tenner’, where visitors will be able to take home paintings at discounted prices or as a souvenir of their visit, buy an exclusive limited edition key fob.


Black Horse Poets

The Black Horse Poets celebrate poetry in Wakefield with regular meetings to share work. Members of the Black Horse Poets, Michael Yates and Steven B Williams, will be carrying out readings at 6pm and 7pm.

We look forward to welcoming guests to the exhibition on 26th July 2017. With art and poetry, this will be a packed event not to be missed!

More information about the upcoming event can be found at the ArtWalk website.

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