An interview with Reverend Nicholas Stacey was recorded in 2006 and first made public in 2012. The recording was discovered by Teresa Cooper who was a former Kendall House resident and abuse survivor. The recording was included in the series of “pioneers of charity and social welfare”.

Reverend Stacey was the director of social services in Kent and a Parish Priest in South London before working at Oxfam and Kent County Council. He oversaw Kendall House children’s home at the time abuse took place in the 1970s and 1980s. A review published last year found that the girls were routinely drugged, locked up and sexually abused at Kendall house. The recording revealed that Stacey, “never once reported staff to the police.” He said that children could be, “manipulative and make false claims.”

Stacey stated in the interview recording that, “Nobody was to go to the police about accusations against staff without my approval.” If Children called Childline to say they were being abused they were sent to bed early. Stacey stated, “I never reported staff to the police, because I never felt that we had a serious case.” Stacey did ask some members of staff to resign, “I would try and get them to go to counselling. It’s terribly sad if you’re sexually orientated towards children, you know. If rampant abuse had emerged of course I he would have gone to the police.”

Reverend Stacey died in May 2017 aged 89.

Ms Cooper, who was a resident at Kendall House in the early 80s, has called for a further investigation to be carried out into Mr Stacey. “The ramifications of Stacey’s confessional interview are huge and will have an impact on survivors who may have reported abuse to the Kent authorities and police at the time.”

A spokesperson for the Dioceses of Rochester and Canterbury said that they would be willing to cooperate with any investigation. A spokesperson said that Mr Stacey’s comments raised “serious concerns given his former position of responsibility in children’s homes across Kent.”

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