The National Minimum Wage has been with us for many years but it continues to cause problems for employers of all different sizes across the land.

A recently published list revealed 233 employers (include the retailer Argos) are to pay £2 million in back pay to 13,000 workers, together with record fines of £1.9 million.

The usual problem is not that employers are making a conscious decision to pay less than they should under the National Minimum Wage. Normally it is an unintended consequence of another decision or an administrative error. This could be anything from an employer wrongly deducting money for staff uniforms, paying apprentice rates to workers, failing to pay overtime hours or similar.

The figures are due to change in October 2017 but for now the current rates are:

National Living Wage (25+) Standard Adult Rate (21+) Development Rate Young Worker Rate (18-20) Apprentice Rate (16-17)
01/04/17 to 30/09/17 £7.50 £7.05 £5.60 £4.05 £3.50

Setting out the figures like this makes the National Minimum Wage look simple but as is show by the experience of the 233 employers above it is the application to the workplace environment which normally causes the problems.

If Argos can get it wrong any employer can, which is why you should never hesitate to ask for help. For more information on the National Minimum Wage or to speak to one of our Employment Solicitors call us on 01924 387 110.

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