John Bailey, 76 of Kippax, a former Clergyman from Leeds has been jailed for six years after admitting abusing girls in the 1950’s.

Bailey who formally worked in the Diocese of Lincoln committed the offences between 1955 and 1982. He admitted twenty five charges of indecent assault at a hearing on the 29th August 2017. His assaults were against three girls under the age of fourteen, one as young of four during the twenty seven year period.

Bailey was arrested as part of Operation Redstone, which was an investigation which commenced in October 2015. Its purpose was to investigate past safeguarding cases by the Diocese of Lincoln. The Court heard that Bailey, who is now suffering from Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia wrote letters to all his victims “begging” them not to report their allegations to the Police.

Chris Moran who was defending Bailey said, “Bailey clearly wanted to express remorse but at the same time admitted there was a degree of somebody who doesn’t want to be reported to police.” He continued, “Other than this offending he is a man who is known as a caring, responsible individual – a dependable one in many ways.” As well as serving a prison sentence he will be placed on the sex offenders register for the rest of his life.

Judge Simon Hurst said to Bailey,” I have had the advantage of reading victim impact statements and it is clear that in their different ways, they were all profoundly affected by your abuse of them. You did it for no other reason other than to gain sexual gratification for yourself.”

On hearing the sentence Detective Superintendent Richard Hatton said: “The sentence today reflects the breach of trust that John Bailey has shown in terms of his position as an ordained minister in the Church of England.”

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