Jonathan Graves, a former Church of England Priest was jailed last month for torturing and sexually abusing two boys in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Graves restrained children with belts and chains and beat them. An investigation by the BBC has revealed that concerns over Graves behaviour were raised two decades ago by a parent.

The parent reported Graves to the church in 1997 but nothing was ever done. She has said that “They let me, my children, and countless other families down.” She then complained to the Police in 2002 and again to the Church in 2003. The Diocese of Chichester said the woman’s complaint was made anonymously and this made it difficult to follow up. The woman has responded and said she did provide her name each time.

In 2001, further complaints were made as Graves had allowed Robert Coles to officiate at St Luke’s. Coles was jailed for child sex abuse in 2013.

Graves was arrested in 2005, but not suspended until 2008. The BBC also found Bishops gave Graves references in 2002, allowing him to move to Devon and to move back to Eastbourne and still work with children. Concerns were also raised about Graves’ behaviour with the Diocese of Exeter. The Diocese in Exeter and Chichester will now look into how Graves was allowed to move locations.

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