As December is approaching and we all getting prepared for the festive season one of our clients reminds us that there are people less fortunate than most.

Our client Mr Drabarek has already spoken publicly in the media about his horrendous experiences of his time in care as a child and the abuse that he suffered at the various institutions that he was admitted to. Today he has spoken out about homelessness, something which many of our clients have faced at some point in their lives.

Just four months ago Mr Drabarek was living in a tent on the streets after he was forced to leave his hostel. Mr Drabarek was saved from his situation by the charity Humbercare. Humbercare works in partnership with many voluntary and not-for-profit organisations and focuses on “rehabilitation and resettlement, mentoring, peer-mentoring and volunteer befriending services, advice, information and guidance, education, employment and training, housing related support, client involvement, supported lodgings services, positive use of time and integration into the wider community.”

He has had to live in four different houses since leaving his tent and his struggles are still continuing. He has been forced to share accommodation with criminals and drug addicts. Mr Drabarek has spoken about the care that he has received from Humbercare staff and has praised them for all their hard work and effort. Mr Drabarek blames the system and red tape placed on charities set up to help people. “The police are fantastic and so are Humbercare but people like to forget about us. It’s as if it’s out of sight out of mind. I’m not even blaming Theresa May and the Tories, I’m blaming a system that doesn’t work.”

Mr Drabarek wants Hull’s homeless and vulnerable communities to visit Hotdoggers Café in Spring Bank on Christmas Day for a hot meal. Two sit down meals will be held at 1.30pm and 3.30pm. “I want people to think that every little helps, so if they can spare a couple of quid or even a bit of food this Christmas it will make a difference. The homeless situation in Hull isn’t going anywhere, and I really feel it is about to get a lot worse.”

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