Employment Tribunal fees were abolished by the Supreme Court on 26 July 2017 and it is estimated by the Government that £33 million pounds is due to be repaid.

After a trial phase in October 2017, the Government has now launched the refund scheme in full. Applications for refunds can be made online or by post. When applying by post, the applicant must use a prescribed form as follows:

  • Form 1-C for claimants/employees.
  • Form 2-R for respondents/employers.
  • Form 3-S for representatives, sponsors or lead claimants in group claims.

The Supreme Court ruled the fee system was unlawful. It is important that those who were wrongly asked to pay now get a full refund. For example, someone bringing an ordinary claim for unfair dismissal would have paid £250 to issue their claim and a further £950 as a hearing fee. That person is owed a refund of £1,200.

We can help you with applying for a refund. For more information or to speak to one of our Employment Solicitors about claiming a refund please call us on 01924 387 110.

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