With the rise of the gig economy and more flexible working, there appears to be increasing confusion in the workplace surrounding the rights of employees, workers and the genuinely self-employed. That is even before you delve into zero-hours contracts, agency staff, fixed-term contracts, part-time working and volunteering.

To help and as part of our commitment to local businesses, in the run up to Christmas we are offering employers a 20% discount on the cost of new Employment Contracts & Staff Handbook.

We have always believed that issuing an Employment Contract & Staff Handbook to a new starter or updating them for existing employees is not a luxury but an opportunity not to be missed.  It lets everyone know where they stand and prevents problems occurring in the first place. Whether you need a simple document or the works covering the full range of post-termination restrictions to protect your business, we can help.

For more information or to speak to one of our employment solicitors about our 20% discount on new Employment Contracts & Staff Handbook, please call us on 01924 387 110 or request a callback.

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