Since April 2011 there has been a requirement that before any proceedings could be issued in the family court the parties attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAMS) in order to learn about the possibility of resolving disputes by discussion with a trained mediator rather than going to court (litigation).

The process then became compulsory in April 2014 as the courts recognised the advantages to parents, married couples and all those involved in family disputes engaging with a mediator and being responsible for their own destiny rather than a complete stranger (judge or lay justices) making decisions  where invariably no-one would be happy with the outcome.

Mediation does not sort out relationship problems but helps you reach an agreement which can then be put into a legal format by your solicitors

Here at Jordans solicitors we have a Resolution trained mediator who can help you resolve disputes involving your children, finances or both.  First and foremost you are seen separately by the mediator and if your matter is assessed as suitable mediation can then proceed on another occasion.


Mediation can help resolve matters without the expense of costly litigation and can be quicker than waiting for a court hearing, so it really is something worth exploring. More information can be obtained from Jordans Solicitors on 01924 387110 or by emailing Wendy Campbell at:

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