February 2018 signifies Raynaud’s Awareness month and we at Jordans want to do what we can to spread the message about this condition, which a high proportion of people suffer from without ever being diagnosed.

Raynaud’s is a condition that affects the blood supply to certain parts of the body, most commonly to the fingers and toes but it can also affect your hands, feet, nose, ears and nipples. 1 in 6 people in the UK suffer from Reynaud’s yet surprisingly it is a relatively unknown condition that people suffer from without consulting a medical professional for assistance.

When you suffer from Raynaud’s the small blood vessels in areas such as your toes and fingers are over-sensitive to slight changes in temperature, the cold and sometimes stress. Symptoms include the skin changing colour in the affected area (usually from white to blue and then red); however, a big reason the lack of awareness is that not all of the symptoms are clearly visible. Take a look at the video in the link below which demonstrates the underlying affects of Reynaud’s that you cannot see.


Other symptoms include cold fingers and toes; numbness, tingling or pain in the affected areas and stinging or throbbing pain when the affected area warms up. There is lots of information about the symptoms and causes of Raynaud’s available on the Scleroderma & Raynaud’s UK’s (SRUK) website – including an online test to see if you have the condition and details about the treatment available.

SRUK’s and Jordans’ message here is to make sure that people do not suffer in silence with this condition. If you have any symptoms then visit your GP or SRUK’s website for further details and … spread the message about Raynaud’s to your friends, colleagues and loved ones!

There are numerous causes of Reynaud’s , which include the operation of vibrating tools over a long period of time as well as the after effects of an injury to your hands or feet (such as a fracture). Here at Jordans we have a specialist and experienced Personal Injury department dealing with claims when clients have suffered from an isolated accident or from a condition due to working practices over an extended period of time (such as the use of vibrating tools). If would like to find out if you are entitled to make a claim then call us on 01924457171 to speak to one of our Personal Injury specialists today.

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