help find answersThe Truth Project is part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA).

The Truth Project allows victims and survivors of child abuse to discuss and describe their experiences of the abuse they suffered at an institution. There are confidential sessions with a trained facilitator for the victims. The confidential sessions allows the victims to disclose as much detail of the abuse as they wish. The victims will not be questioned about any of the information they provide, and there are no legal consequences to attending a Truth Project session.

The information is anonymised and will be considered by the Chair and Panel members of the Inquiry. The victims are encouraged to make suggestions of what can be done in the future to prevent further abuse happening. The information provided by the victims will be used by the IICSA to make recommendations.

Drusilla Sharpling CBE, inquiry panel member and head of the Truth Project, said: “Through the Truth Project we can hear from victims and survivors, understand their experiences and learn from them. Their input will help us make meaningful recommendations to help stop the same patterns of abuse occurring in the future. I would encourage any victims and survivors who are thinking of contacting the Truth Project to talk to us. We will listen to you, we will treat you with respect and what you tell us will inform our work and help us protect future generations.”

For more information, visit or call 0800 9172000. Calls are taken on weekdays between 8am and 8pm and on Saturdays between 10am and noon.

If you have been affected by anything in this article and would like to speak to one of our highly qualified abuse team members in confidence, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our highly skilled abuse team will advice you on the available options for pursuing a civil damages claim. Jordans successfully represent and secure compensation for numerous victims of abuse and are highly experienced in this area. They are experts in overcoming the particular challenges that arise in these types of sensitive cases. Please contact the abuse team on 0800 9555 094.

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