Judge Clement Goldstone described Bennell as “ evil” as he sentenced him to 30 years in prison.

Former football coach Barry Bennell, 64, was sentenced at the Liverpool Crown Court yesterday for 30 years in prison and one year released on licence. He was convicted of 50 child sex offences against 12 boys between 1979 and 1991.

It is thought there are as many as 100 complainants as a further 86 people have come forward to say that they were abused by him.

Judge Clement Goldstone said when sentencing Bennell, “Your behaviour towards these boys in grooming and seducing them before subjecting them to, in some cases, the most, most serious, degrading and humiliating abuse was sheer evil.”

Members of the public applauded as they heard the sentence and the there were cries of “Yes” from the packed court room. One victim, Gary Cliffe who was abused as a youth player for Manchester City approached Bennell asking him, “Barry, Barry why.”

The Judge addressed some of the issues which the victims had suffered as a result of Bennell’s abuse, “alcoholism, suicidal thoughts and depression.”

One victim confided that he had contemplated suicide, “Not a day goes by without thinking of the abuse I suffered. I’ve often thought of ending my life. It was hell on earth trying to deal with this.” Another victim, who Bennell admitted abusing said that, “he knew of four men who had been coached by Bennell, including the former Wales manager Gary Speed who had gone on to take their own lives.”

Former Manchester City youth player Chris Unsworth stated that, “he has been left confused about his sexuality after being abused by Bennell.” “I gave up my chance to have children of my own because of the fear of not being able to protect them.”

Bennell who had been ordered to attend Court for sentencing “remained impassive” as he listed to the victims statements from the dock. After the hearing victims and the police said that Bennell had not shown any remorse for the crimes he had committed.

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