The Government set up the Taylor Review to look into how employment practices may need to change to respond to developments in the labour market and modern business models (also known as the Gig Economy). Reporting in July 2017, the Taylor Review said the goal was “good work for all” and set out 7 steps to achieve fair and decent work with realistic scope for development and fulfilment.

This week the Government responded by publishing its “Good Work” Report. The response has generally been lukewarm because the Government has said that further consultation is required on the major issues of employment status, the enforcement of employment rights, agency worker rights and measures to increase transparency in the UK labour market.

As to the measures which have been announced, these include the following:

  • Gig economy workers to benefit from a new definition of ‘working time’.
  • All workers (not just employees) to have the right to written particulars of employment.
  • All workers (not just employees) to have the right to a payslip.
  • All workers (not just zero-hours and agency) to have the right to request a more ‘stable/predictable’ contract.
  • An increase in the pay reference period for holiday pay to take account of seasonal variations.
  • HMRC to enforce the national minimum wage, holiday pay and sick pay.
  • As with national minimum wage offenders, employers who fail to pay Tribunal awards are to be ‘named and shamed’.
  • Employers who show “malice, spite or gross oversight” could face fines of up to £20,000 (up from £5,000).

We will bring you further details of these measures as they are announced.


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