It is alleged that Government inspectors were aware of mistreatment at Dowdeswell Court and Badgeworth Court Boarding Schools in Gloucestershire and Clouds House in Wiltshire.

Pupils at the schools allege that they suffered “ horrific” abuse in the 1970’s and 1980’s and evidence submitted to the High Court in 2000 “ shows that inspectors deemed the schools to be very much below standard.”

Roy Messenger a former pupil of Dowdeswell Court has submitted a claim for compensation for the treatment he received whilst a pupil at the school. Whilst Education Inspection reports are normally destroyed after a period of 7 years, reports were found when investigating his case.

The reports state that:

“Clouds House confirms my view that the Badgeworth group of schools needs to be closely watched. In these schools there have been continuing episodes of violence by members of staff.
I suggest that the director of the Badgeworth group be told that the schools are now in some respects very much below the standards the DES expects from similar recognised schools.”
An inspection report completed in 1985 stated that there had been “several cases over recent years of assault by staff on certain pupils”

Wiltshire Council is unable to comment on the allegations due to a current police enquiry. Gloucestershire Council have agreed to meet former pupils and investigate their complaints.

Jordans Solicitors represent victims who suffered abuse whilst attending school. Where a person abuses their position of trust and commits an act of assault, a claim for compensation may be possible. We would encourage anyone affected to report their allegations to the Police and contact Jordans Solicitors to pursue a civil claim

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