Raynaud’s awareness month takes place every February. It is organised by the Raynaud’s and Scleroderma Association. This is in place to bring awareness and offer help and advice to not only those that suffer but their friends and families too.

In 2017 the organisation helped over 4,500 people and aim to reach even more people in 2018. The Raynaud’s and Scleroderma Association are already having radio interviews and have had coverage.

In 2012 to celebrate the charity’s 30th anniversary, the Raynaud’s and Scleroderma Association aimed to raise £1 million for research and to fund a number of projects in Raynaud’s.

In 2017 the organisation created a mobile drop in clinic on Briggate in Leeds. This allowed shoppers to be tested for Raynaud’s and underlying conditions linked to Raynaud’s. This involved people putting their hand under a strong microscope which shows blood vessel capillaries to determine whether they have Raynaud’s.

Awareness needs to be raised. Raynaud’s affects 1 in 6 people in the UK and it can be very uncomfortable. 10% of women in the UK suffer from the disorder. A Raynaud’s attack occurs when blood vessels, mostly in the hands, become over sensitive to change in temperature. Often the hands turn white or blue. It occurs when fingers are sensitive to cold. The affected area changes colour in response to temperature change or stress. People with Raynaud’s often get numbness or pain in the affected area when they change colour. They may also get stinging or throbbing when the affected areas warm up. Another symptom is getting sores or ulcers on the fingers or toes. If you think you may have Renaud’s it is best to see your GP.

Raynaud’s can happen to anybody in any generation. It is very common in teenagers and is often presented around puberty. However symptoms tend to improve as they get older. This can be down to treatment or due to an adjustment in life style or hormonal changes. Babies and young children can also get Raynaud’s; this is rare, however a little more than a nuisance. It is best to visit the child’s GP for further tests to rive out an underlying cause.

In order to manage Raynaud’s, you must keep warm and wear gloves, relax and pace your self, use complimentary therapies, speak to a doctor about treatment and raise awareness to others!

There are numerous causes of Reynaud’s , which include the operation of vibrating tools over a long period of time as well as the after effects of an injury to your hands or feet (such as a fracture). But did you know that the industrial injury Vibration White Finger is a secondary form of Raynaud’s? In 1997, the UK High Court awarded £127,000 in compensation to seven coal miners for vibration white finger. A UK government fund set up to cover subsequent claims by ex-coalminers had exceeded £100 million in payments by 2004.

But many of the ex-coalminers payments in the UK were under settled by the solicitors handling the claims and many miners missed out on extra money they could have been entitled to at the time. Jordans Solicitors has a department looking into the claims the ex-coalminers made to see if their claims were under settled and are recovering £1000’s for ex-coalminers.


If you are an ex-coalminer and made a claim for Vibration White Finger under the Government scheme then please give us a call free on 03303 001103 or click here. Make sure you do it today as time is running out on these claims.

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