Reach Out Speak Out” was a conference held in Leeds last week, attended by Jordans Solicitors and organised by Yorkshire author Christina Gabbitas. The purpose of the conference was to highlight the importance of using the resources we have to safeguard children.

Christina Gabbitas has written a children’s book, “ Share Some Secrets” the purpose of which was to help and encourage children who have suffered abuse to speak out about what has happened to them and get help. The book has been backed by the NSPCC schools service and Barnardo’s.

Christina held the conference with the purpose of getting together primary teachers, public sector workers and NHS staff and adults working with children to discuss how important it is at an early age to educate children on the importance of “speaking out” and how to get help and support.

“ I wanted to get people together to highlight the importance of education from an early age. I think the Government needs to put more money into this. I find it so frustrating.”

The conference was the first of its kind and it is hoped will become a regular event in Yorkshire. Speakers at the conference included the Children’s Laureate Ann Fine, the author of Mrs Doubtfire and representatives from the NSPCC and Social Care.

Christina said, “ It went fantastically well and I have received lots of positive feedback. This is national problem and we need to come together to educate young children. It’s really important.”

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